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Birthday Party Games

The time of year and location can determine what games to host. Let our expert party planners know if you are having a winter party that needs indoor games. A summer birthday party can handle outdoor party games and we can suggest plenty of fun ones. Perhaps you are hosting the party at a skating rink or pool and need games there too. We can help you plan.

Adult birthday parties can be enhanced with the right games too. From the popular to the obscure, our experts can suggest the games to make your party a hit. If you are having a themed adult birthday party, let us help you pick the right games. We even have ideas for 50th and 60th birthday party games.

Teenage party games can be tricky. Not everyone feels comfortable participating if this is their first "mixed" party of boys and girls. Sometimes kids think it's "not cool" to have games either. Our experts can suggest teen games where boys and girls can take part equally and in some cases, the guests are not even aware they are playing a game!